Mineral Free Make Up Source

affiliate-ad-290x241Mineral Free Makeup – Do They Exist?

Basically, all makeup in the market today consists of minerals.  However, there is such thing as mineral free makeup, especially those that come into the market in liquid or cream-based form.  Mineral free makeup is not just another rumor after all.

However, the mineral free makeup attribute is only found on a few beauty products.  In fact, minerals are predominantly found in powdered makeup as well as liquid and cream based.  It just depends on how they were produced and how they were stabilized.

Titanium dioxide is one of the most common mineral found in makeup.  This will tell you that there is really no such thing as mineral free makeup; although, this is just utilized as colorant as well as natural sun block agent.

To elaborate further, zinc oxide is similar to titanium dioxide utilized both as colorant and natural sun block.  If you want mineral free makeup products, you should opt for liquid and cream-based.  Even then, these products still contain traces of mineral which means that they are not really mineral free makeup products.

Iron oxides are minerals that give pigmentation to makeup products. Talc is another common mineral added to most cosmetic goods.

Therefore, it is definitely a difficult task to find mineral free makeup products in the market today.  If this is really want this, the closest thing that you can get is the liquid and cream based cosmetic products.  However, be careful on which product you choose otherwise you will suffer skin irritation and problems later on.